5 Tips for a More Efficient Warehouse

WarehouseStreamlining production and reducing costs are two of the top priorities for any business. When you have a warehouse this must be a critical focal point, as it not only directly affects your bottom line but with rising wages you can’t afford not to. You’ll need a benchmark to start with, so select relevant key performance indicators (KPIs), and then begin to develop a plan for improving these. Whether it’s order accuracy, order fill rate, sales volume, or another KPI, it all depends on your business and your goals.

We’ve put together a list of some of the best tips in improving your warehouse efficiency and outlined them below. Use these and measure whether or not they improved your businesses’ relevant KPIs.

  • Maintain or Update Machinery – Equipment is required for all warehouse operations. Poorly functioning or out of service machines eat away at your productivity. Proper maintenance plans can help alleviate the costs that are associated with neglected or poorly maintained equipment. While the costs up front may be a little greater to replace or repair the machines, the productivity boost will quickly make up for the costs incurred. New and used forklifts, as well as other warehouse equipment are available at great pricing from the team here at Lift Inc, just reach out to our team via the phone number above and let us know what you are looking for.
  • Keep Employees Involved – Your team executes all direction you’ve provided. Keep their needs high up the priority list to keep them happy and engaged. Consider adding incentives programs that are obtainable, continue to develop and train your management team, and ask for feedback. No one understands the business better than your team, so ask them for their thoughts on improvement possibilities and take these into consideration.
  • Barcode scannerReview Your SKU Layout – Often your most frequent SKUs will go through cycles. Consider grouping these into zones to reduce travel and boost pick density for your order pickers. Keep the easiest picked SKUs towards the floor within reach for your pickers, and move SKUs upwards on the racks as their pick speed increases. Review this process yearly to ensure it doesn’t become outdated and is operating at max efficiency.
  • Utilize Technology – A warehouse management system can streamline picking routes, improving pick time and accuracy. Software options allow you to better track data and inventory levels in your warehouse as well.
  • Keep it Organized and Clean – Junk must not be allowed to accumulate in your warehouse. Setting a cleaning schedule, on top of demanding a clean warehouse allows quicker and easier movement for both your employees and your machines. You may even find some missing or misplaced orders.

These are just a few of our favorite tips for improving your warehouse efficiency. If you have any you’d like to add to the list, feel free to let us know on our social media channels, as we always look forward to your feedback. As we mentioned above, if you are looking for new or used warehouse equipment, including forklifts, order pickers, hand trucks, or any other material handling equipment, feel free to contact us through the phone number above or our contact form.