Which Racking System is Best For Your Warehouse?

As you search for storage systems for your warehouse, it’s important to order the type of racking that will best suit the needs of your space, your product, and most importantly your workers. At Lift, Inc., we proudly serve several unique racking system options to tailor to your specific warehouse space’s needs. Below are some of our most popular racking and storage systems. Get familiar with each of our options, then request your order with any of our dealer locations when you’re confident about which one suits your business best.

Pallet Racking

 Pallet racking options for sale at Lift, Inc.

There’s a reason why pallet racking is one of the most popular racking solutions on the market. This single or multi-level storage system is utilized to support high stacking or pallet loads in your warehouse. Often built from strong materials like steel, pallet racks also allow quick access to your stored materials. There are several pallet racking variations to best optimize your warehouse space for the type of storage solution you need, some of which are included below!

Carton Flow Racks

Carton flow racking options for sale at Lift, Inc.

If you need even more flexibility and movement to your racking, then consider our carton flow racks. They’re a type of shelving that uses gravity to its advantage for inclined runways that are loaded in the rear, with first-in-first-out access to your product. They offer strategically placed beams for creating optimal slopes for the included flock tracks and rollers. Smaller than its sibling the pallet flow system, the carton flow racks are an excellent option for lighter load cases.

Drive In Racking

Drive in racking options for sale at Lift, Inc.

If your priority is high-density storage with forklift accessibility, then look to drive in pallet racking. This cost-effective solution is cost-effective with its deep lane storage focus and removal of access aisles. Products are stored on a first-in last-out basis and can be several pallets deep depending on how much storage is needed in your warehouse.

Selective Racking

Selective racking options for sale at Lift, Inc.

If your team requires immediate access to products and quick loading and unloading time, then the versatility of selective pallet racking will do the trick! Directly access loads without moving every other pallet thanks to its custom build in either structural steel or roll form steel. With its high-capacity beams for ultimate stability, it’s no wonder why these are one of the most favored pallet racking options for sale at Lift, Incorporated!

Cantilever Racking

Cantilever racking options for sale at Lift, Inc.

Not all products that need to be stored are uniform or convenient in shape or weight. For longer, bulkier items like lumber, piping, and more, look to cantilever racking for heavy-duty storage shelving. They’re easy to install and space-efficient for those who need a quick solution to the unconventional products, whether you plan to use them inside your warehouse or for outdoor use (our cantilever roof system will protect racking from the elements).

Design Your Custom Warehouse Storage or Racking Today

These are just some of the racking and storage solutions available at all Lift, Inc. locations throughout central and south PA. Our teams are happy to answer questions about these listed options, as well as the others listed on our site. Regardless of your warehouse space and circumstances, there is a storage or pallet racking option to make for better organization and efficiency in you workspace. Contact us today to discuss warehouse design and order the perfect storage racking near you!

Which Racking System is Best For Your Warehouse?1