Single Tier Tenant
Storage Lockers

Single Tier Tenant Storage Lockers

Make the most out of your basement storage area with single-tier tenant storage lockers. Our tenant storage lockers provide more of everything you need – a clean, attractive design, simple assembly, adaptability, and affordability. The single-tier tenant storage locker design is especially perfect for the condominium industry.

Double Tier Tenant
Storage Lockers

Double Tier Tenant Storage Lockers

Maximize your basement storage area with double tier tenant storage lockers. Our double tier tenant storage lockers offer the same 24-hour security as our single tier units without the need for additional square feet, an ideal solution for the condominium industry when storage space is limited.

Hanging Tenant
Storage Lockers

Hanging Tenant Storage Lockers

When tenant storage space is limited, take advantage of the under-utilized real estate in your parking garage area. Hanging tenant storage lockers turn the open space above parked cars into convenient storage units. Securely mounted to the wall, our hanging lockers leave ample room for even the largest vehicles to park. The open wire mesh construction allows for proper ventilation and full light penetration, leaving your property in top condition and constant view. Hanging tenant storage lockers are available in two different models to accommodate varying site conditions.

Sheet Metal Tenant
Storage Lockers

Sheet Metal Tenant Storage Lockers

Strong and versatile, the sheet metal tenant storage lockers are ideal for any situation where private storage is required. The panels and doors are built from heavy-duty 16GA corrugated steel sheets framed in 1 ¼” x 1 ¼” x 12GA structural angle. Roof panels are made of unframed 2” x 4” x 10GA welded wire mesh, securely fastened with zinc-plated clips. The sturdy, opaque construction ensures stored items remain safely concealed from view, while mesh roof panels allow for proper ventilation and light penetration.

Storage Lockers

Industrial Storage Lockers

Any application, any size, any space - Industrial lockers are your ultimate custom storage solution. Their engineering allows them to withstand the rigorous demands from daily use. Our industrial storage lockers will secure employee items, tools, inventory, and specialized equipment that could be lost or misplaced.

TA-50 Gear

TA-50 Gear Lockers

TA-50 gear lockers are your first choice when it comes to heavy-duty storage. Our TA-50 gear lockers meet the rigorous demands of military, fire station, and locker room applications with their strength to withstand the toughest conditions.  TA-50 gear lockers can safeguard a range of non-standardized items, from military equipment, sporting goods, and uniforms to larger, heavier gear.

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